Vivatmo me

First patient handheld device for FeNO exhaled breath analysis

  • The new Vivatmo breath analysis devices from Bosch measure the fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) in human breath.
    The test is quick, painless and reliable and the measured value provides an indication as to the inflammatory activity of allergic asthma.
    With Vivatmo me asthma patients are more flexible and have a better understanding of their condition. The miniaturization of the sensor enables an intuitive design usable at home. Connected to the Vivatmo app, Vivatmo me supports ideally the self management of the patient. Vivatmo
  • Key Features
    New concept of FeNO test. FeNO measurement, fast, reliable and accessible for both professional and home use.

    Patient self-management. Asthma patients are more flexible and have a better understanding of their condition with handheld and app.

    Innovative design. New sensor technology made in Germany (from Bosch). Fully portable, battery-operated wireless handheld device.

    Easy to perform. Simple measuring procedure and intuitive use with blinking light guide.

    Quick test procedure. Fast and reliable monitoring of airway inflammation with minimum start-up, test duration and regeneration time.

    Maintenance-free. Maintenance-free system designed for long lifetime.

    Vivatmo app with “Asthma Diary”. For fast and intuitive documentation of disease and data transfer to the doctor.