Lactate Pro 2

The new generation of portable, easy to use and fast blood lactate test meters

  • The Lactate Pro2 is a palm-sized blood lactate test meter that quickly measures lactate from a small blood sampling (only a 0.3µl).

    Speedy measurements are completed in just 15 sec, offering high performance in a small size.

    Lactate Pro is a fast, affordable and accurate way to measure blood lactate levels to determine the time and intensity of individual endurance training, and to improve overall training.

    Its high precision and performance make the Lactate Pro equivalent to large-scale testing instruments.
  • Small sample volume: 0.3 μL. Only 0.3 μL blood sample is needed for measurement: the smallest volume in the world.

    Rapid measurement: 15 sec. Measurement result is displayed in just 15 sec.

    No chip coding. Auto calibration offer pre-measurement convenience.

    Compact - light & handy. The meter is convenient for use on the move.

    Meter dimensions are lO0(L) x 50(W) x 12(H)mm. Meter weight is just 45 g (including battery).

    User identification. Up to 3 users can individually save results (up to 330 tests in total).