The new standard for cardiopulmonary and metabolic evaluation of healthy people

  • Discover the future of metabolic testing with the ground-breaking Q-NRG Max, an innovative metabolic system designed by COSMED, a worldwide leader in the development of Research grade and Clinical devices for metabolic and body composition assessment.

    Say goodbye to the limitations and frustrations of conventional metabolic carts, as Q-NRG Max redefines the user experience, making metabolic testing easier and more efficient than ever before.

    Q-NRG Max is the ultimate solution for assessing VO2 Max and resting energy with unparalleled precision.

    Utilizing Gold Standard VO2 and VCO2 measurements, this cutting-edge device provides individualized assessments that empower athletes, fitness enthusiasts alike to optimize their performance and reach their goals.

    Q-NRG options - Vent, Canopy, Mask

    This is a preliminary product version not yet finalized, and may therefore undergo changes or revisions prior release.
  • Key Features
    Individual Assessment. Q-NRG Max uses Indirect Calorimetry to assess metabolism. Test results faithfully represent patients' metabolic status providing precious indications on the fitness status or response to nutrition plans.

    True Aerobic Capacity. The Q-NRG Max, based on gas exchange, provides the true aerobic capacity (VO2max) and an extensive CPET analysis in addition to conventional heart rate measurements, thus enabling the tailoring of training programmes based on individual needs.

    Comprehensive metabolic analysis. Q-NRG Max is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis, from substrates utilization to maximal and sub-maximal excercise testing, with a validated technology and best-in-class gas analysers, meeting the highest standards of metabolic assessment.

    Easy workflow. An intuitive user interface together with an easy workflow allow to operate the device through all its functionalities with main instructions prompted along the procedures.

    Compact. Q-NRG Max is a lightweight, battery operating device. The compact design guarantees extreme portability without renouncing to the comfort of a wide color LCD touchscreen.

    Ready to use. Q-NRG Max has been designed to reduce operations and measurement time. System does not require warm-up time nor pre-test or monthly calibrations. All operations can be performed with a few taps on the screen.

    This is a preliminary product version not yet finalized, and may therefore undergo changes or revisions prior release.
  • Resting


    • Measurement of oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), together with other ventilatory parameters, and metabolism substrate utilization (%FAT, %PRO, %CHO).
    • Dilution technique with canopy hood (available in adult or paediatric size).
    • Canopy blower pump integrated inside the unit
    • Multi-use hose and 2-way valve for quick test setup
    • Antibacterial/antiviral single-use oval filters connect to 2-way valve for comfort and ergonomics


    • Maximal and sub-maximal tests
    • Determination of pulmonary gas exchange (VO2, VCO2) with thresholds analysis and training zones programme
    • BLE, ANT+ connectivity for easy integration with wearable devices (motion sensors, power meters, NIRS, etc.)
    • Automatic ergometers control (RS-232, BLE, ANT+)
    • Multi-use turbine flowmeter and silicone face masks (5 sizes)
    This is a preliminary product version not yet finalized, and may therefore undergo changes or revisions prior release.
  • Cart


    Perfect solution for quick, safe and portable device

    • Ergonomic design
    • Quick and effective cleaning
    • One gas cylinder holder
    • Basket for accessories and consumables
    • Handle for agile movement in small spaces
    • High stability and perfect balance
    Face Mask

    Face Mask

    Multi-use silicone face masks with headgear for comfortable leak-free resting and exercise gas exchange measurements
    • 5 sizes (3 Adult and 2 Pediatric)
    • Available also with inspiratory valve for high performance exercise testing
    • Reusable and easily disinfected for multiple use
    • Anatomical design for leak free and comfortable fit
    • Integrated chin cup for stability
    • Excellent adherence to any face shape
    • Easy to clean and sterilize

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    Respiratory filters

    Respiratory filters

    An easy way to ensure protection from cross-contamination which keeps both the patient and operator safe without compromising on system performance.

    Two mouthpiece types, oval and round, guarantee the maximum ergonomics and the compatibility with any equipment connector.
    • High viral and bacterial filtration efficiency (99.999%)
    • Low resistance to airflow
    • Suitable for both lung function and exercise testing
    • Minimal deadspace
    • Individually packaged in 50 pieces box

    These filters complies with latest ERS guidelines recommending to use the filters with minimum proven efficiency for high expiratory flow of 600 to 700 L/min.

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