Face Masks

Multi-use silicone face masks with headgear for comfortable leak-free resting and exercise gas exchange measurements

  • The reusable face masks by COSMED are the best solution for testing (at rest or during exercise test) with maximum patient comfort even during long testing sessions (2-3 hours) and at any exercise intensity.

    Made of silicone rubber (no latex or other allergic material) the mask guarantees maximum seal and no air leaks.

    The face mask has an anatomically contoured design with resilient ribbed support structure for a leak free comfortable fit and integrated chin cup for stability.

    • 5 sizes (3 Adult and 2 Pediatric)
    • Available also with inspiratory valve for high performance exercise testing
    • Reusable and easily disinfected for multiple use
    • Anatomical design for leak free and comfortable fit
    • Integrated chin cup for stability
    • Perfect adherence to any face shape
    • Easy to clean and sterilize

    Possibility to have face mask models with inspiratory valves, which reduce inspiratory resistance during high performance exercise. Mounting and dismounting of headgear is made simple thanks to the new quick-release 5 strap clips.