Directly connected to a USB port turns any PC into a Spirometer

  • microQuark is the PC-based spirometer designed by COSMED for lung function screening.

    It can be used with any PC, either desktop or laptop, by simply installing the application software and connecting the USB cable to the USB port of the computer.

    Performing spirometry tests is extremely easy and intuitive with microQuark and OMNIA, the new generation software developed by COSMED, which is included in the standard package.

    Fast, simple and cost effective spirometry screening is now available to all users.

    COSMED Microquark Specs
  • Key Features
    Plug and play technology. microQuark can be used with any PC, either desktop or laptop, by simply installing the application software and connecting the USB cable to the USB socket of the computer.

    Validated Digital Turbine Flowmeter. Independently validated turbine flowmeter by LDS Hospital using the ATS 24 standard volume-time waveforms (Crapo R. O. 2004 “Validation of COSMED turbine vs ATS 24 standard volume-time waveforms“).

    Powered by OMNIA. OMNIA allows intuitive, immediate spirometry testing with advanced text interpretation and graphical tools for quick assessment. Includes new standards and predicteds according to latest ATS/ERS guidelines (2005 Consensus, GLI, etc).

    Pediatric Incentivation. Possibility to perform spirometry test with a selection of innovative pediatric incentivation graphics with user defined effort grade on both volume and flow (both PEF and FVC predicteds).

    Simplified workflow. OMNIA user interface and its workflow management have been designed to simplify procedures and to reduce testing time.

    Automatic interpretation of tests based on latest scientific guidelines. OMNIA is supported by a powerful algorithm that automatically process results and provides interpretation text strings, including numerical results and graphical data presentation (pictograms).

    Network ready. OMNIA is available both as a single stand-alone workstation or in a client/server configuration for small or very large network environments.
  • OMNIA Walking Tests Module

    OMNIA Walking Tests Module

    The most comprehensive solution to evaluate functional exercise capacity during walking tests

    • Offline and Online modalities
    • Standard 6MWT, ESWT, ISWT and custom protocols
    • Titration test
    • Plethysmographic pulse oximetry curve in real-time
    • Perfusion Index for each SpO2 value
    • Automatic QC
    • Pace control during shuttle tests via audible signals
    • ATS standard message for 6MWT
    • Several predicted sets

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    Antiviral and antibacterial respiratory filters

    Antiviral and antibacterial respiratory filters

    An easy way to ensure protection from cross-contamination which keeps both the patient and operator safe without compromising on system performance.

    Two mouthpiece types, oval and round, guarantee the maximum ergonomics and the compatibility with any equipment connector.
    • High viral and bacterial filtration efficiency (99.999%)
    • Low resistance to airflow
    • Suitable for both lung function and exercise testing
    • Minimal deadspace
    • Individually packaged in 50 pieces box

    Filters complies with latest ERS guidelines recommending to use the filters with minimum proven efficiency for high expiratory flow of 600 to 700 L/min.

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