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Modular Spirometry Laboratory with optional bronchial challenge, airways resistance and forced oscillations tests


Quark SPIRO is a modern modular laboratory for complete spirometry testing with easy-to-add advanced test features like the forced oscillation technique, integrated dosimeter and airway resistance.

Low maintenance costs, no need for technical expertise and user-friendly software make Quark SPIRO the perfect tool for accurate, frequent and reliable spirometry tests in any hospital department or physician’s office.

  • Quark SPIRO is a medical device.



Quark SPIRO - Extensive Diagnostic Capability

Extensive Diagnostic Capability

With full spirometry with bronchial challenge and integrated dosimeter, airway resistance via the interrupter technique and full respiratory mechanics through forced oscillations.

Quark SPIRO - Automatic interpretation

Automatic interpretation

A powerful algorithm automatically processes results based on latest scientific guidelines and provides interpretation text strings, including numerical results and graphical data.

Quark SPIRO - Integrated dosimeter

Integrated dosimeter

Complete solution to perform bronchial challenge tests for bronchial hyperresponsiveness assessment. Standard and custom protocols available for maximum flexibility.

Quark SPIRO - Network ready

Network ready

Quark Spiro can be configured as a single stand-alone workstation or in a client-server configuration for small or very large network environments, with the possibility to share data with the HIS.

Quark SPIRO - Compliant to guideline


Quark Spiro and OMNIA comply with latest international guidelines, including ATS/ERS standards for spirometry and Forced Oscillations.

Quark SPIRO - OMNIA Software

Omnia Software

Quark Spiro is provided with OMNIA, the modular software suite from COSMED with an innovative user interface and an intuitive workflow.


Modularity allows to configure Quark SPIRO according to any kind of requirement. This cost-effective solution gives the
opportunity to scale at any time to a more complex configuration.

Quark SPIRO with integrated dosimeter

Integrated dosimeter

Fully integrated dosimeter module for easy and accurate bronchial provocation test protocols
Articulated Arm

Articulated Arm

3-axis articulated arm to guarantee quick patient preparation and extreme comfort during text execution


Intuitive software for advanced data analysis and review boasting great interfacing and customization features.
Calibration Syringe

Calibration Syringe

Certified 3 liter syringe for simple and reliable flowmeter calibrations and quality checks

FOT module

Q-i2m FOT module for the measurement of the mechanical properties of the respiratory system


Explore the modules for the Quark SPIRO

  • Spirometry Module


    Spirometry Module screenshot
    • Full Spirometry testing (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post Bronchodilator)
    • Choice of different flowmeter technologies (Pneumotach or turbine)
    • Integrated dosimeter for accurate and easy bronchial challenge tests (optional)
    • Compliant with latest ATS/ERS standards
  • Airway Resistance Module

    Airway Resistance

    Airways Resistance Module screenshot
    • Airway resistance by Interrupter technique (Rint)
    • High reproducibility and correlation with body plethysmography tests
    • Ideal for testing uncooperative subjects (e.g. critically ill patients, children)
    • Dedicated handle with pneumotach flowmeter
  • Forced Oscillations Module

    Forced Oscillations

    Forced Oscillation Module screenshot
    • Total Respiratory Impedance measurement by Pseudo Random Noise Signal
    • Ideal for uncooperative patients
    • Recognized reference method for pre-school children assessment
    • Compliant with latest ATS/ERS guidelines
  • Walk Test Module

    Walk tests

    Walking Test Module screenshot
    • Integrated SpO2 monitor (optional)
    • Wireless and Holter modalities
    • Custom and standard walking protocols including 6MWT, Incremental and Endurance Shuttle Walk Tests
    • Suitable for Titration tests and High Altitude Simulation Test (HAST)


    Gallery of Quark SPIRO accessories

    • Respiratory filters

      Respiratory filters


      Ergonomic filters with high filtration efficiency prevent cross-contamination during all tests.

      Read more

    • Carts



      Flexible range of medical-grade carts for clinical and research purposes

      Read more

    • Pulse Oximeter

      Pulse Oximeter


      High quality Pulse Oximeters for integrated oxygen saturimetry during rest or stress testing

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        COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.

        COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.

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