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Test with COSMED Quark CPET at Genea Biomed (Italy)

07 March 2023
Dr Fabrizio Verzini, Head of Sports Medicine at Genea Biomed (Chivasso - IT), and Dr Claudia Tarozzo, Sports Doctor, show what is a CPET test and h...

VO2max test using COSMED Aquatrainer at Incheon National University (INU) South Corea

06 February 2023
Lee Seong-hak from Incheon National University's Exercise Medicine and Disability Rehabilitation Lab performed a VO2max test using COSMED Aquatrain...

COSMED Quark CPET assessment at FC Bayern Munich Performance Center

13 January 2023
Julian Nagelsmann’s team began their preparations for the second half of the 2022/23 season with the obligatory performance tests: Cardiopulmonary ...

VO2max test with Fitmate PRO at McBride Physiotherapy (UK)

05 January 2023
Ian McBride MSC, owner McBride Physiotherapy, tells about sport science services provided as VO2max, submaxVO2, and RMR using Fitmate PRO desktop m...

The Real Madrid team performing fitness check-up using the COSMED K5

22 December 2022
The Real Madrid players were subject to an intense fitness test with the COSMED K5 wearable metabolic system as they continue their preparations ah...

Metabolic test with COSMED Quark CPET at Human Performance Lab - University of Pavia (Italy)

05 December 2022
Day of testing with COSMED Quark CPET at Human Performance Lab - University of Pavia (Italy).   Here a team of scientists and clinicians are ha...

Discover COSMED K5, the one choice metabolic system for both laboratory and field testing

01 September 2022
Discover how the K5 expands the scope of metabolic testing from clinical exercise testing to performance assessment.   COSMED K5 uses the lates...

FC Bayern München pre-season performance tests with COSMED Quark CPET

05 August 2022
Assessment of fitness level of Bayern athletes pre-season. Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Tests were performed using COSMED Quark CPET and treadmill. ...

High intensity physical training with COSMED K5 in Real Madrid’s preseason

19 July 2022
During the first pre-season week Real Madrid team performed a high-intensity training session wearing COSMED K5 metabolic system under the guidance...

5 minute VO2Max power test with COSMED K5

10 June 2022
Is a 5 minute VO2Max power test necessary? When you know your 5 minute max cycling power, you add another chess piece to your racing arsenal.   ...

Metabolic Test with COSMED Quark CPET for "Million Meters For Melanoma" team (Australia)

25 May 2022
Roger White, owner of Targeted Exercise & Sport Science Testing (TESST), performed a metabolic testing session for "Million Meters For Melanoma...

Sports Performance Testing packages with COSMED equipment at Reaseheath College (UK)

05 April 2022
New opportunities enabling local athletes to improve their performance are on offer at Reaseheath College in Nantwich.   The college’s progress...

COSMED K5 at University of Nebraska at Omaha - Department of Biomechanics

25 March 2022
University of Nebraska at Omaha - Department of Biomechanics relied on COSMED K5 to measure the metabolic cost of walking with a robotic waist teth...

Desktop metabolic system Fitmate PRO at METS Performance Consulting (Australia)

22 March 2022
Amateur sport is more elite now than ever before, and to be even remotely competitive they need to be extraordinarily fit.   METS Performance C...

VO2max Test with COSMED K5 at Kinetik, Sports Science Center (Italy)

09 March 2022
VO2max represents the maximum volume of oxygen consumed per minute per kilogram of weight and defines the personal cardiorespiratory and aerobic le...

VO2 Max Test at American Forces Network Humphreys (South Korea)

10 February 2022
Mrs. Heidi Butler, volonteer at AWC, talks about metabolic testing performed with Fitmate MED. COSMED Fitmate MED is the first compact metabolic...

Metabolic testing with Fitmate MED at Daegu Army Wellness Center (Republic of Korea)

28 January 2022
What to expect when undergoing the metabolic testing at the Army Wellness Center? Mrs. Anna Truong, AWC Director, explains how metabolic testing wi...

COSMED K5 at Turkish Olympic Preparation Center for master triathlete VO2Max test

15 December 2021
Erkan Tortu, Sport Sciences And Technology-Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), performed a metabolic assessment with COSMED K5 to determine the athlete exe...

VO2Max test with COSMED K5 by Mediterranean Health in Mallorca (Spain)

15 November 2021
Dr Alvaro Bondia, nutritionist and health professional at Mediterranean Health in Mallorca, trusts that to improve energy performance there is no b...

VO2Max test with COSMED Quark CPET at CMTS 2A (France)

15 November 2021
Dr. Gilles Testou, sports medicine physician at Centre de Médecine et Traumatologie du Sport in Ajaccio, shows a Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test wit...

Physiological screening with COSMED Quark CPET at Beaumont Cardiovascular Performance Clinic (Michigan)

27 September 2021
Dr. Barry A. Franklin, PhD, Director of Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation at Beaumont Health (Michigan), talks about cardiopulmonary...

VO2Max test with Fitmate PRO at Molde Sports Clinic (Norway)

24 September 2021
Elin Kortner Lystad, Sports Physiotherapist at Molde Sports Clinic, has choose a new approach to simplified metabolic assessment: COSMED Fitmate PR...

VO2Max test with COSMED K5 at Hacettepe University (Ankara) · Faculty of Sport Sciences

22 September 2021
At Hacettepe University (Ankara), Faculty of Sport Sciences, Erkan Tortu measured the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2Max) with COSMED K5 to evaluat...

COSMED Fitmate PRO: Vo2Max test, aerobic and anaerobic threshold, physical exercise prescription

14 September 2021
A new approach to cardiopulmonary stress testing with the desktop metabolic system Fitmate PRO by COSMED. Interview with Dr. Chiara Ingletto - Spor...

Pre-season screenings with COSMED Quark CPET for FC Bayern Munich football players

05 August 2021
Objective information on soccer player physical status is an important factor for coaches and managers enabling selection and training.  A compr...

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing for German football players of RB Leipzig FC featuring Quark CPET

30 July 2021
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is an important part of the pre-season player screening process. Elite soccer match play is characterized by inter...

Victor Campenaerts lactate testing with Akern Lactate Pro 2

13 July 2021
Victor Campenaerts, professional road racing cyclist from Belgium and currently riding for Team Qhubeka NextHash, had a lactate testing with Akern ...

VO2Max testing with COSMED K5 at Real Madrid C.F. training ground facilities

09 July 2021
During Real Madrid's fourth day of pre-season, Carlo Ancelotti's players completed demanding high-intensity physical training wearing COSMED K5 met...

Metabolic testing for athletes and wellness with COSMED K5 at Avera Human Performance Center

07 July 2021
Derek Ferley, Avera Sport Science and Research Director, explains how a metabolic assessment with COSMED K5 can help people customize their own hea...

COSMED Quark CPET to collect metabolic data on Virtual Reality experiences to built an unique App

14 May 2021
The VR Health Institute is an independent research & ratings organization created to study the health impact of virtual and augmented reality. ...

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COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.

COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.