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COSMED K5 at Northern Arizona's Biomechatronics Lab

06 May 2021
Northern Arizona's Biomechatronics engineers are conducting a study on Wearable Robots to help kids with cerebral palsy walk. Dr. Zach Lerner is...

Professional baseball player, Edgard Muñoz, tested with COSMED equipment at The Panama Clinic

02 April 2021
At the Cardiopulmonary Center of The Panama Clinic (Panamá), Edgard Muñoz, professional baseball player, performed a metabolic function test with C...

COSMED K5 and BillaTraining for World Recordman Marc Batard next challenge

12 March 2021
BillaTraining relied on COSMED K5 to assess and train Marc Batard, World Recordman of the ascent of Everest, without oxygen, in less than 24 hours....

Pioneer study on the metabolic function of snowboarders with COSMED K5

29 January 2021
At Oregon State University, Dr. Timothy Burnett, instructor of kinesiology, is conducting a pioneer study on the metabolic function of snowboarders...

Metabolic tests with COSMED K5 at Huawei Health Lab (China)

15 January 2021
At the brand-new HUAWEI Health Lab in Xi’an (China), researchers rely on COSMED K5 to capture metabolic data, such as maximum oxygen uptake. "Wi...

VO2max test with COSMED Fitmate PRO at Technofisio (Italy)

12 January 2021
Alessandro Alboni, Personal Trainer at Technofisio (Italy), measured VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption) with Fitmate PRO. VO2max refers to the ...

COSMED K5 media coverage on italian television

07 January 2021
The metabolic test was performed on a tennis professional player by Carlo Laface (Stilnuovo Health Fitness Club) who explained that VO2max is frequ...

Observational study with COSMED Quark CPET among (top) athletes who have suffered from Corona

30 November 2020
Bob van den Berg, pulmonologist at the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam, is currently conducting an observational study with COSMED Quark CPET among (top...

Exploring metabolic function through experiential research with K5

20 November 2020
Dr. Timothy Burnett, instructor of kinesiology at Oregon State University, and his students explored physiological concepts through experiential re...

COSMED Quark CPET with stress testing ECG for the assessment of physiological response to exercise

20 May 2020
Dr. Matthew Harber, Professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology in the School of Kinesiology and Director of the University’s Clinical Exercise Physi...

COSMED K5 - Olímpica Training Center of Rowing in Chile

27 October 2019
A Rowing assessment with COSMED K5 at the Olímpica Training Center of Rowing in Chile. 

COSMED K5: Ole Selnæs assessment at norwegian VGTV

05 September 2019
A special video with Norwegian footballer Ole Selnæs - Norway national football team - Shenzhen F.C. (China) - assessing with COSMED K5 (from a Bro...

VO2Max testing with COSMED K5 at PERF-UP Center - Doha, Qatar

02 September 2019
At PERF-UP Center - Doha (Qatar) it is possible to made high-intensity physical assessment wearing COSMED K5 metabolic system. VO2Max is the max...

FC Bayern Munich Footbal Team pre-season assessment with COSMED Quark CPET

01 August 2019
CPET tests are an accurate and reproducible measurement of cardiorespiratory fitness and performance providing physiological and functional indic...

Superquark - How Olympic athletes train

10 July 2019
It is thought that VO2 max is the single most important factor determining success in aerobic endurance sport. Therefore, it is within athletes, ...

FC Bayern Munich Woman Team assess with Quark CPET

09 July 2019
Pre-season screenings with COSMED Quark CPET for FC Bayern Munich football players. Objective information on soccer player physical status is an ...

VO2Max test with Fitmate metabolic system and Lactate Threshold

09 July 2019
In this video Luke McIlroy from METS Performance Consulting explains the difference between lactate threshold and V02 Max and why METS test both me...

Vo2Max assessment on the UCI Road World Champion Alessandro Ballan featuring COSMED Fitmate

10 June 2019
A video from Bici-lab of a Vo2Max assessment on the UCI Road World Champion Alessandro Ballan featuring COSMED Fitmate.

COSMED spiroergometry with mixing chamber at the Olympic training center Westfalen

05 March 2019
The rowers, at the Olympic training center, have tested the mixing chamber of the company COSMED with various athletes. Exciting experiences with t...

K5 - Wearable Metabolic System

04 March 2019
COSMED is proud to introduce the K5, the 4th generation of the most popular wearable metabolic system, a breakthrough in the field of exercise phys...

COSMED CPET at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta

25 January 2019
The presentation of the new COSMED Quark CPET in the Cardiology Department of the Mater Dei Hospital in Malta, in the presence of the Deputy Prime ...

Assessment of state of fitness for FC Bayern athletes during pre-season performance test session

06 July 2018
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is an important part of the pre-season player screening process. Elite soccer match play is characterized by i...

Spoleto-Norcia in mountain bike: test sul consumo energetico su ciclista cardiopatico e diabetico

19 June 2018
Lo scorso 11 e 12 giugno si sono svolte due giornate di studio scientifico sul consumo energetico e costo metabolico della pedalata in salita in ...

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COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.

COSMED is a world leading supplier of Cardio Pulmonary, Metabolic and Body Composition testing solutions to Sports Science, Medicine, Professional Sport and Wellness.