Quark RMR

The gold standard for metabolic measurement in applied human physiology research

  • The Quark RMR is a state-of-the-art metabolic system designed for accurate measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) and respiratory ratio (R), in a non-invasive way, through the measurement of oxygen consumption (VO2) and carbon dioxide production (VCO2) together with other ventilatory parameters.

    Energy requirements are monitored accurately and instantaneously either on spontaneously breathing subjects with a flow-dilution canopy hood or (optionally) to mechanically-assisted patients by inserting directly at the patient’s circuit a disposable flowmeter (Flow-REE).

    The number of available configurations make the Quark RMR the most versatile metabolic cart for applied research in human physiology.

    Quark RMR’s accuracy and reliability have been validated against Gold Standard methods either with spontaneously breathing subjects (at rest and during exercise) and mechanically assisted patients.

    Quark RMR is a medical device.

    Quark RMR
  • Key Features
    Unsurpassed reliability. Fast-response stable and durable paramagnetic technology for O2 sensor, and rapid infrared for the CO2. Both analyzers can ensure reliable data for a long time without requiring their replacement.

    Breath by Breath & Mixing Chamber. Quark RMR is provided with Breath by Breath analyzers however the system is also available with an optional Mixing Chamber.

    Modular architecture allows to configure Quark RMR according to the different metabolic testing requirements. This cost-effective solution gives the opportunity to scale at any time to a more complex configuration.

    Low running costs and easy maintenance. Quark RMR design has been conceived to reduce ordinary maintenance and to easily and rapidly solve any possible technical problem through parts replacement.

    Powered by OMNIA software innovative user interface, touch screen ready, easy-to-use and self-explanatory.

    Calibrations and Verifications procedures are available to ensure that main measurement components perform according to their specifications.

    Independently validated technology. Quark RMR is the only metabolic cart in the market that has been validated both on different gas exchange methods (Breath by Breath and Mixing Chamber), and on the whole human physiological range (from resting to a wide range of exercise intensities).
  • Metabolic - REE (Standard)

    Metabolic - REE (Standard)

    • Measurement of oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), together with other ventilatory parameters, and metabolism substrate utilization (%FAT, %PRO, %CHO)
    • For spontaneously breathing subjects
    • Patients above 15kg of weight
    • “Bubble” canopy hood (18,7 L) with removable blanket
    • Gas sampled at the expiratory port through a sampling line, while the ventilation is measured by a digital turbine flowmeter (reusable)
    • Integrated canopy blower pump inside the main unit (selectable flow rate)
    Metabolic - ICU (Option)

    Metabolic - ICU (Option)

    • Measurement of oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2), together with other ventilatory parameters, and metabolism substrate utilization (%FAT, %PRO, %CHO)
    • For mechanically ventilated subjects
    • For patients weighing over 15kg
    • Disposable low-flow range PNT flowmeter (Flow-REE) inserted at the patient’s circuit
    • “Breath by breath” gas sampling through a line connected proximally to the Y-piece of the ventilator tubing
    • Inspiratory and expiratory phases directly measured by the flowmeter
    • All parts are single patient, no need for cleaning and disinfecting
    • Independent from ventilator used
    Metabolic - CPET (Option)

    Metabolic - CPET (Option)

    • State-of-the-art breath by breath gas exchange data analysis (VO2, VCO2)
    • Fast response paramagnetic O2 sensor
    • Optional 7-liter mixing chamber
    • Fully integrated 12-lead ECG for Stress Testing (option)
    • Validated technology
  • Mixing Chamber

    Mixing Chamber

    Ideal solution for highly accurate measurements during exercise in research and elite sport applications
    • High accuracy at steady state
    • Both low and high ventilation ranges
    • State-of-the-art two-way non-rebreathing valve
    • Very comfortable and easily assembled
    • New volume calibration procedure

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    Ethanol Burning Kit

    Ethanol Burning Kit

    Optional kit to test accuracy of COSMED indirect calorimeters
    • Quality control test for routine calibration
    • Measurement of the total CO2 production by burning a known quantity of ethanol
    • Scientifically validated
    Pulse Oximeter

    Pulse Oximeter

    High quality Pulse Oximeters for integrated oxygen saturimetry during rest or stress testing
    • Full range of oximeters and sensors for different patient applications
    • Small, lightweight and portable technology
    • Low power consumption (60 mW)
    • Accurate performance in challenging monitoring environments at critical SpO2 levels
    • Intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering
    Stress ECG

    Stress ECG

    Diagnostic Quality 12-lead Stress Testing ECG in cable or telemetry configuration
    • Resting and Exercise ECG interpretation
    • High resolution ECG processing
    • Full disclosure and scroll back during test
    • ST segment, ST slopes, Trends
    • Retrospective ECG and arrhythmia analysis available during test
    • Standard and user-defined exercise protocols
    • Integration with COSMED gas exchange equipment
    • Patient database and network compatibility

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  • OMNIA Walking Tests Module

    OMNIA Walking Tests Module

    The most comprehensive solution to evaluate functional exercise capacity during walking tests

    • Offline and Online modalities
    • Standard 6MWT, ESWT, ISWT and custom protocols
    • Titration test
    • Plethysmographic pulse oximetry curve in real-time
    • Perfusion Index for each SpO2 value
    • Automatic QC
    • Pace control during shuttle tests via audible signals
    • ATS standard message for 6MWT
    • Several predicted sets

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    Metabolic Simulator

    Metabolic Simulator

    Completely designed by COSMED, the Metabolic Simulator provides an important tool that can be used for periodic verification of metabolic systems in both clinical and research settings.

    COSMED metabolic simulator is able to replicate the typical waveform of the respiratory pattern and, by applying the dilution principle, gas exchanges (oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production).

    • 4-300 L/min Ventilation range
    • VO2 and VCO2 range up to 3900 mL/min
    • Designed by COSMED, compatible with all metabolic devices on the market
    • Reproduction of human breathing profile
    • Adjustable respiratory parameters suitable for both clinical and research purposes
    • Easy and precise quality control

    International guidelines recommend the use of a metabolic simulator to perform a thorough systematic check on the overall performance of a metabolic system.

    With COSMED Metabolic Simulator you will be able to address this recommendation and check that the accuracy of your metabolic system is in line with the declared values.

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    Flexible range of medical-graded carts for clinical and research purposes
    • Custom COSMED design
    • Choice between 1 or 2 screens
    • Choice between 1 or 3 cylinder holders
    • Provides cord management
    • Optional medical grade cart with isolation transformer

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    Face Masks

    Face Masks

    Multi-use silicone face masks with headgear for comfortable leak-free resting and exercise gas exchange measurements
    • 5 sizes (3 Adult and 2 Pediatric)
    • Reusable and easily disinfected for multiple use
    • Anatomical design for leak free and comfortable fit
    • Integrated chin cup for stability
    • Excellent adherence to any face shape
    • Easy to clean and sterilize

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    Antiviral and antibacterial respiratory filters

    Antiviral and antibacterial respiratory filters

    An easy way to ensure protection from cross-contamination which keeps both the patient and operator safe without compromising on system performance.

    Two mouthpiece types, oval and round, guarantee the maximum ergonomics and the compatibility with any equipment connector.
    • High viral and bacterial filtration efficiency (99.999%)
    • Low resistance to airflow
    • Suitable for both lung function and exercise testing
    • Minimal deadspace
    • Individually packaged in 50 pieces box

    These filters comply with latest ERS guidelines recommending to use the filters with minimum proven efficiency for high expiratory flow of 600 to 700 L/min.

    Thanks to the adapter for Metabolic Test, it is possible to connect the V2 face mask and the antiviral/antibacterial round filter.

    Filters have been tested to be used during Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing at rest and during exercise.

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